Chordandjocks is a 24-year-old producer from central Arkansas who caught my attention and I wanted to sit down and talk about navigating through marching band in high school to finding himself in his college days producing music. Other topics we touch upon is a discussion of Chance the Rappers new album, one where although the production style of the songs changes throughout the album, many of the tracks continue to contemplate the ups and downs of romantic relationships. We weigh in on this and how he deals with older producers hesitate to pass the torch to the younger guys. Lastly, we dissect what it is to be a lo-fi producer, battling the human elements of vocals and how he can connect to an audience with just the music. Is it an uphill battle? How does he put one foot in front of the other? Join us as we discover how on this exciting episode of the podcast.

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Marcello Milteer