Mega Ran


Oh man, Mega Ran is in the building! Fresh from Comic Con, we have a serious chat about black representation through video games and he then lets me know we shouldn’t be so dismissive of the idea that a renowned rapper draws inspiration from video games. We chat about progression of todays youth, reflecting back on his days as a teacher, and we chat about his future which includes a brand new podcast entitled ‘Random Encounters’, a published book by the years end and the beginning stages of his new album. In the meantime, we dive into the parallels between literary figures such as Henry David Thoreau, who was a philosopher and wearer of many hats, and how Mega Ran identifies himself as such as he navigates audiences through the audible adventure of The Dewey Decibel System. There was no chance Mega Ran was going to come on the podcast until I hit episode 9, which I did, so thank you boss! Press play and enjoy!

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