If we're talking about the definition of hip-hop you cant talk about it without mentioning authenticity. Music runs the world so if there isn't any authenticity in the music then there isn't in the world. So many people lie in their rhymes, lie about what they got, lie about who they know, pretending to be someone else. Not this episode! Don't Sleep Records employs a roster of dope MC's true to the game - and I have the resident beatmaker Phoniks joining me this week. Known for his vintage-90's boom bap production style and melodic jazz and soul samples. So...right up my alley. We chat about label structure, gaining an entrepreneurial spirit via his father growing up, sample digging and his dream of opening up a restaurant.

Phoniks: @Instagram & @Twitter
Bedroom Beethovens: @bedroombeethovens
Cello: @mojincello

Marcello Milteer